Blair-Loy, Mary Frances
Career Patterns and Meaning-Making among Female Executives in Finance
Asst. Prof., Washington State University
Associate Prof., University of California, San Diego

Browning, Christopher Robert
Trauma or Transition: A Life-Course Perspective on the Long-Term Effects of Early Sexual Experiences
Post-doc: University of Chicago
Professor, The Ohio State University

Clarkberg, Marin Elizabeth
Causes and Consequences of Nonmarital Cohabitation in the United States
Asst. Professor, Cornell University
Director, Office of Institutional Research and Planning, Cornell University

Clark, Candace
Misery and Company in Everyday Life
Professor, Montclair State University

Cohen, Jonathan Matthew
Striking the Balance: Autonomy and Interdependence in the Appellate Judicial Process
Partner, Covington and Burley, Washington DC

Ermakoff, Ivan
Democratic Breakdowns and the Politics of Self-Servitude
Post-doc: Nuffield College, Oxford
Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison

Espinosa, Kristin Elizabeth
Helping Hands: Social Capital and the Undocumented Migration of Mexican Men to the United States
Asst. Prof., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Frumkin, Peter J.
Conflict and the Construction of an Organizational Field: The Transformation of American Philanthropic Foundations
Asst. Prof., Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Professor, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas-Austin

Joyner, Kara
Social Exchange and the Stability of Married and Cohabiting Relationships
Post-doc: Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina
Associate Prof., Bowling Green State University

Kao, Grace Yu Pin
Oreos, Coconuts, and Bananas: Race and Ethnic Differences in Conceptions of Success Among Adolescents
Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Lee, Sunhwa
Elite Education for Career or Marriage?: The Case of Female University Graduates in South Korea
Asst. Prof., American University
Affiliate Researcher, Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Li, Fang
The Social Organization of Entrepreneurship: The Rise of Private Firms in China
Research Associate, Population Research Center (Chinese National Survey)

Michaels, Stuart Kenneth
Queer Counts: The Sociological Construction of Homosexuality via Survey Research
Post-doc: Fellowship, Paris
Senior Research Scientist, Ogburn-Stoeffer Center for the Study of Social Organizations

Moeller, Eric John 
Identity and Millenarian Discourse: Kuna Indian Villagers in an Ethnic Borderland
Asst. Prof., Concordia University-Austin

Park, Chan-ung
An Actor-Based Institutional Approach on the Development of Welfare Institutions: State Health Insurance Movements in United States, Great Britain and Korea
Full-time Lecturer (tenured position), Dongguk University (Seoul, Korea)
Professor, Yonsei University, Korea

Parrado, Emilio Alberto
Social Change, Population Policies, and the Demographic Transformation of Colombia and Venezuela: A Life Course Approach
Post-doc: University of Pennsylvania
Associate Prof., University of Pennsylvania

Pattillo-McCoy, Mary Elizabeth
At the Crossroads: A Qualitative Study of Social Organization in a Black Middle Class Neighborhood
Post-doc: University of Michigan
Professor, Northwestern University

Venkatesh, Sudhir Alladi
American Project: An Historical-Ethnography of Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes, 1962-1995
Post-doc: Society of Fellows, Harvard University
Professor, Columbia University

Wang, Fang
Support for a New Welfare State in Taiwan: Social Change, Political Dynamics and Public Opinion
Asst. Prof., Taipei University

Zuckerman, Ezra Wyatt
Mediating the Corporate Product: Securities Analysts and the Scope of the Firm
Asst. Prof., Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
Professor, MIT Sloan