Pete Aceves
Interests: Computational Methods, Economic Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Organization Theory, Sociolinguistics
Email: peteaceves

Istvan Adorjan, 2007
Interests: Economic Sociology/Globalization, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Theory

Jae Wan Ahn, 2011
Interests: Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Deindustrialization

Maria Akchurin, 2007 
Interests: Political Sociology, Organizational Sociology, Economic Sociology, Comparative Historical Sociology

Maryam Alemzadeh, 2011
Interests: Culture, Social Theory, Social Change, Political Sociology, Sociology of War and Revolutions
Phone: (312) 316-6251
Email: maryamalem

Sneha Annavarapu, 2014
Interests: Urban Sociology, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Gender, Culture
Email: snehaa

Nidia Banuelos
Interests: Education, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Historical Sociology

Michael Bare, 2004 
Interests: Social Theory, Social Studies of Knowledge, Culture, Stratification, Microinteraction
Office: 1126 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 214-415-4394

Jessica Borja, 2008 
Interests: Gender, Work/Occupations, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Stratification

Chad Borkenhagen
Interests: Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Culture, Social Studies of Knowledge
Email: cborkenhagen

Kyla Bourne, 2013
Interests: Political Sociology, Social Theory, Social Studies of Knowledge, Criminal justice, Sociology of Law, Qualitative Methods
Email: kbourne

Alexandra Brewer, 2012 
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Culture, Social Studies of Knowledge, Urban Sociology
Email: aebrewer

Kelly Brown, 2005
Interests: Political Sociology, Social Organization/Formal/Complex

Michael Castelle, 2008
Interests: Social Studies of Knowledge, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Computational Methods, Linguistic Anthropology, History and Philosophy of Technology

Derwin Cheng, 2007
Interests: Culture, Social Studies of Knowledge, Social Theory, Political Theory, Moral Philosophy

Michael Corey, 2008
Interests: Population, Time use, Digital data, Social media

Piper Coutinho-Sledge, 2009
Interests: Gender, Health and Medicine, Body and Embodiment

Sophie Fajardo, 2012
Interests: Culture, Stratification, Family, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Media
Email: fajardos

Jessica Feldman, 2005
Interests: Urban Sociology, Education, Consumption

Anastasia Oldham Fitz, 2013
Interests: Urban Sociology, Social Change, Culture, Neighborhoods
Email: afitz

David Ferguson, 2002
Interests: Urban Sociology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Theory, Sociology of the South, Sociology of Knowledge
Master's: Shifting Visibility: Golden Age Sociology of the South Revised

Caterina Fugazzola, 2012
Interests: Social Change, Gender, Political Sociology, Social Movements
Email: cfugazzola

Peter J Fugiel, 2010  
Interests: Work/Occupations, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Culture

Nathaniel James Gonzales, 2012
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Political Sociology, Culture
Email: njg

Dustin Gourdin, 2010 
Interests: Social Studies of Knowledge, Social Theory, Disasters

Christopher Graziul 
Interests: Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Sociology of Religion
Phone: (773) 383-0360

Forest Gregg, 2010 
Interests: Methodology/Mathematical Sociology
Phone: (773)888-2817

Wendy Greyeyes, 2005
Interests: Development/Modernization, Education, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Political Sociology

Laura Hernandez, 2007
Interests: Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Immigration, Social Movements

Kathryn Hendricks, 2010 
Interests: Stratification, Gender, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Work/Occupations

Cayce Hughes, 2010 
Interests: Sociology of Privacy, Urban Poverty, Culture, Social Inequality, Health and Well-being

Adilia James
Interests: Gender, Work/Occupations, Stratification, Education
Email: adilia

Marshall Jean, 2007 
Interests: Education, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Stratification
Phone:  (773)368-5521

Shilin Jia, 2014
Interests: Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Social Theory, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Demography, Network Analysis

Whitney Johnson, 2010
Interests: Culture, Quantitative Methods/Mathematical Soc, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Theory

Antoine Jones, 2013
Interests: Political Sociology, Social Theory, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Social Change
Office: Social Science 402
Phone: (773) 257-7377
Email: Antoinej


Jerry Kaufman2011 
Interests: Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Stratification, Social Change, Urban Sociology, Religion

Mishal Khan, 2013
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Stratification, South Asia, Religion
Email: 436152

Daniel Kimmel, 2006 
Interests: Education, Social Studies of Knowledge, Social Theory

Austin Kozlowski, 2015
Interests: Culture, Demography, Social Theory, Social Studies of Knowledge

Danya Lagos, 2014
Interests: Gender, Science and Technology Studies, Computational Methods

Cheng-Pang Lee , 2009
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Change, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Religion/Ideology

Haena Lee, 2010 
Interests: Family, Demography, Health and Medicine, Urban Sociology, Neighborhood Effect
Phone: (312) 405-3223

Naeyun Lee, 2005 
Interests: Political Sociology, Migration, Citizenship, Sociology of Law
Phone: (773) 915-3737

Alessendra Lembo, 2014
Interests: Culture, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Music, Adolescent Transitions

Le Lin, 2010
Interests: Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Studies of Knowledge, Education

Joshua Mausolf, 2014
Interests: Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Stratification, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Political Sociology, Social Network Analysis/Organizations/Economic Decision Making
Email: jmausolf

Jane McCamant, 2013
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Studies of Knowledge, Work/Occupations, Education
Email: jmcc

Peter McMahan
Interests: Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Social Studies of Knowledge

Marcelle Medford-Lee, 2005
Interests: Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Urban Sociology, Immigration, Qualitative Methods/Ethnography

Ben Merriman, 2008
Interests: Social Theory, Culture, Political Sociology, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology

Rick Moore, 2008 
Interests: Culture, Social Theory, Sociology of Religion

James Murphy
, 2011 
Interests: Social Networks, Culture, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology

Abigail Ocobock, 2007 
Interests: Family, Gender, Social Change
Phone: 609-933-7766

Melissa Osborne, 2013
Interests: Urban Sociology, Culture, Gender, Identity Change, Qualitative Methods
Email: osbornem

Moira O'Shea, 2014
Interests: Social Theory, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Education
Email: moshea

Sarah Outland, 2014
Interests: Gender, Culture, Social Organization/Formal/Complex
Email: soutland

B. Robert Owens, 2011
Interests: Social Studies of Knowledge, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Theory, Law and Society
Phone: (617) 308-9082
Email: browens

Esma Ozel, 2013
Interests: Sociology of Culture, Gender, Urban Sociology, Ethnicity Relations and Nationalism
Email: esmaozel

Jeffrey Parker, 2010 
Interests: Urban Sociology, Culture, Qualitative Methods
Email: jnparker

Graham Peterson, 2013
Interests: Social Theory, Gender, Social Studies of Knowledge, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Economic Sociology

Maude Pugliese, 2009 
Interests: Culture, Social Studies of Knowledge, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Social Organization/Formal/Complex
Phone: 773 896 3064

Jason Radford, 2010 
Interests: Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology

Virginia Rangos, 2012
Interests: Health and Medicine, Gender, Social Studies of Knowledge
Email: vrangos

Alicia Riley, 2013
Interests: Health and Medicine, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Demography, Urban Sociology
Email: arriley

Georg Rilinger, 2014
Interests: Social Theory, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Studies of Knowledge
Email: rilinger

Yaniv Ron-El, 2011
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Political Sociology, Social Theory, Sociology of Law
Email: yanivr

Benjamin Ross, 2010 
Interests: Urban Sociology, China

Cristina Sakamoto, 2012
Interests: Urban Sociology, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Culture, Social Organization/Formal/Complex

Hanisah Binte Abdullah Sani, 2013
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Culture, Social Theory, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Southeast Asia, Religion
Email: hanisah

Jonathan Schoots, 2014
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Studies of Knowledge, Political Sociology, Culture
Email: jonathanschoots

Martina Y. Smith, 2003
Interests: Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Stratification, Gambling/Deference/Status
Master's: In None We Trust: The Current State of Mixed-Income Housing in Bronzeville

Chris Sukhu, 2010 
Interests: Economic Sociology/Globalization, Work/Occupations, Education, Development/Modernization

Eva Swyngedouw, 2009
Interests:  Urban Sociology, Culture, Political Sociology, Citizenship and migration

Christopher Takacs
Interests: Education, Stratification, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Culture, Higher Education
Email: ctakacs

Nora Taplin, 2009
Interests: Urban Sociology, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Sociology of Technology

Mikhail "Misha" Teplitskiy
Interests: Social Studies of Knowledge, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology, Computational Social Science
Office: Searle 223
Email: misha

Brian Tuohy, 2010 
Interests: Social Theory, Social Change, Culture, Education, Sociology of Religion

Amanda Valdez, 2010
Interests: Family, Education, Demography, Social Change, Aging, Population, Youth
Office: Social Science 406
Email: amanda4

Alicia VandeVusse, 2004 
Interests: Family Sociology, Medical Sociology, Gender and Sexuality, Qualitative Methods

Jessica Villasenor, 2011 
 Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Urban Sociology, Stratification, Education

Jaclyn Wong, 2011
Interests: Gender, Family, Demography, Aging
Office: NORC 266-22

Wen Xie, 2012
Interests: Social Change, Economic Sociology/Globalization, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Studies of Knowledge
Email: wxie

Jin Yan, 2010
Interests: Political Sociology, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Change

Tal Yifat
Interests: Economic Sociology, Organizations, Social Movements, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Food
Email: tal

Yang Zhang, 2008 
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Social Change, Social Theory, Methodology/Mathematical Sociology
Phone: (773)255-8756

Yinxian Zhang, 2013 
Interests: Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Culture, Development/Modernization, Social Change
Email: zyxzhang