Student Profiles

Peter J. Fugiel Peter J. Fugiel

MA, Sociology, University of Chicago
BA, Philosophy & Allied Fields, University of Chicago

WSSC 216
Curriculum Vita: CV

I am interested in how multiple dimensions of social difference are articulated in the organization of work. My research examines processes of ascription, labor market segmentation, institutional reproduction and contestation across developed countries and industries, with a special focus on the retail sector. I am currently working on several projects related to work scheduling practices (with Susan Lambert and Julia Henly) as well as a cross-national analysis of industry-level employment trends. My dissertation project centers on a comparative ethnography of hypermarkets in France and Spain, developing the concept of work strategies to theorize how institutional order is reproduced in the everyday practices and relations of the workplace.

Research Interests

Work/Occupations, Social Organization/Formal/Complex, Comparative/Historical/Macro Sociology, Culture