Student Profiles

Maria Akchurin Maria Akchurin

PhD Candidate, Sociology
MA, Sociology, University of Chicago

BA, International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Curriculum Vita: CV

My dissertation research compares water politics and trajectories of water privatization in Argentina and Chile from the late 1970s to the present. I am interested in why substantial efforts to marketize water were widely rejected in some settings, whereas in others, the provision of water was restructured and water became re-imagined as a privately managed economic good. I am studying these processes as a way to investigate policy implementation and failure, as well as to better understand state-society interaction in the context of the rise and erosion of the neoliberal paradigm in the region. My dissertation is part of a broader set of projects investigating public policies and patterns of collective action around socio-environmental problems, as well as how different kinds of civil society organizations engage with state institutions and the private sector to represent their interests and identities, make claims, and bring about institutional change.

Research Interests

Political Sociology, Organizational Sociology, Economic Sociology, Comparative Historical Sociology

Selected Publications

Akchurin, Maria. "Constructing the Rights of Nature: Constitutional Reform, Mobilization, and Environmental Protection in Ecuador." Law & Social Inquiry. (forthcoming).

Akchurin, Maria and Cheol-Sung Lee (equal authors). 2013. “Pathways to Empowerment: Repertoires of Women’s Activism and Gender Earnings Equality.” American Sociological Review 78: 679-701.