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Kimberly Kay HoangKimberly Kay Hoang

Assistant Professor

Office: Social Sciences 415
Phone: 773-834-0579
Email: kayhoang@uchicago.edu
Homepage: www.kimberlykayhoang.com/
CV: Curriculum Vita

Kimberly Kay Hoang’s research interests center on sociology of gender, globalization, economic sociology, and qualitative methods. A central focus of her work is to understand the gendered dynamics of deal brokering in Southeast Asia’s emerging markets. In 2015, she published the monograph Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work that examines the mutual construction of masculinities, financial deal-making, and transnational political-economic identities. This ethnography takes an in-depth and personal look at both sex workers and their clients to show how high finance and benevolent giving are intertwined with relationships of intimacy in Vietnam’s informal economy.

She is currently conducting research for her second book project, which involves a comparative study of the articulation of inter-Asian flows of capital and foreign investment in Southeast Asia.

Her work has been published in Social Problems, Gender & Society, Contexts, and the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Her publications have won several prizes by the American Sociological Association: Section on Race, Gender and Class Distinguished Contribution to Article Award (2015), Section on Sociology of Sex & Gender Best Article Award (2015), Section on Sociology of Body and Embodiment Best Publication Award (2015), Section on Asia and Asian America Research Paper Award (2014), and the ASA Best Dissertation Award (2012).

Research Interests

Global and Transnational Sociology, Sociology of Gender and Sexualities, Economic Sociology, Qualitative Research Methods

Selected Publications

Hoang, Kimberly Kay. 2015. Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work, Oakland, CA: University of California Press.

Hoang, Kimberly Kay. 2015. “Nailing Race and Labor Relations: Vietnamese Nail Salons in Majority-Minority Neighborhoods,” Journal of Asian American Studies 18(2): 113-140. Lead Article

Hoang, Kimberly Kay. 2014. “Flirting with Capital: Negotiating Perceptions of Pan-Asian Ascendency and Western Decline in Global Sex Work,” Social Problems 64(4): 507-529. Lead Article

Hoang, Kimberly Kay. 2014. “Competing Technologies of Embodiment: Pan-Asian Modernity and Third World Dependency in Vietnam’s Contemporary Sex Industry,” Gender and Society 28(4) 513-536. Lead Article

Hoang, Kimberly Kay. 2013. “Transnational Gender Vertigo,” Contexts 12(2): 22-26. Feature Article

Hoang, Kimberly Kay. 2011. “She’s Not a Low-Class Dirty Girl!’: Sex Work in Ho Chi Minh City,” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 40(4): 367-396. Lead Article