Abbott Andrew Abbott, Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor
Interests: professions and work, urban sociology, historical sociology, methodology, and general social theory.


Cagney Kathleen Cagney, Associate Professor (Jointly Appointed in Health Studies)
Interests: health and medicine, population, urban sociology, aging and the life course


Clark Terry N. Clark, Professor
Interests: using decision-making theory to approach urban politics and other social phenomena.


Clemens Elisabeth S. Clemens, William Rainey Harper Professor of Sociology and the College and Chair of the Department
Interests: organizational theory, political sociology, the role of social movements and voluntary organizations in processes of institutional change.


Davis James A. Davis, Visiting Professor
Interests: change with the NORC General Social Survey, national differences with the ISSP, simple methods of survey analysis and fomenting quantitative thinking in the undergraduate sociology curriculum.


Evans James Evans, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Interests: knowledge and science, social networks and organizations, content analysis, economic sociology and the sociology of work.


Garrido Marco Garrido, Assistant Professor
Interests: urban sociology, political sociology, social theory, transnational processes, and inequality.


Glaeser Andreas Glaeser, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Interests: cultural change, ways of knowing and understanding, identity, emotions, social ontology and historical and ethnographic methods.

Kimberly Hoang,Assistant ProfessorHoang 
Interests: Global and transnational sociology, sociology of gender and sexualities, economic sociology, qualitative research methods.


Joas Hans Joas, Visiting Professor (Jointly Appointed in Social Thought)


Knorr Cetina Karin Knorr Cetina, Otto Borchert Distinguished Service Professor (Jointly Appointed in Anthropology)
Interests: economic sociology, sociology of science, consumption, globalization, sociology of culture, qualitative methods, contemporary theory.


Laumann Edward O. Laumann, George H. Mead Distinguished Service Professor
Interests: organizational and economic sociology, human sexuality, political sociology and social stratification.


Lee Cheol-Sung Lee, Associate Professor
Interests: political sociology, comparative/historical sociology, social movements


martin John Levi Martin, Florence Borchert Bartling Professor
Interests: social structures, political fields and the quantitative study of qualities.


McRoberts Omar McRoberts, Associate Professor
Interests: the sociology of religion, urban sociology, urban poverty, race, and collective action.


Ellis Monk, Neubauer Family Assistant ProfessorMonk 
Interests: Racial categorization, classification, and inequality, political sociology, health, aging, sociology of the body, social psychology and cognition, comparative/historical sociology, geometric data analysis


Raudenbush Stephen Raudenbush, Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor
Interests: sociology of education and quantitative methods.


Schilt Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor
Interests: Gender, sexualities, culture, workplace studies.


Xi Song, Assistant ProfessorSong 
Interests: Demography, social stratification and mobility, demographic and quantitative methodology.


Ross M Stolzenberg, ProfessorStolzenberg 
Interests:  Employment and its connections to other social institutions and structures, including formal organizations, the family, schools, and ethnic, race and gender stratification patterns.


Stuart Forrest Stuart, Assistant Professor
Interests: Urban Sociology, Methods and Models, Crime and Deviance, Social Control, Homelessness, Ethnography.


Trinitapoli Jenny Trinitapoli, Associate Professor
Interests: Demography, sociology of religion, sub-Saharan Africa.


Waite Linda Waite, Lucy Flower Professor in Urban Sociology
Interests: the family, especially working families, cohabitation, marriage and divorce, aging, and the labor force.


Yamaguchi Kazuo Yamaguchi, Ralph Lewis Professor
Interests: models (statistical models for social data and mathematical models for social phenomena), life course, rational choice, exchange networks, stratification and mobility, demography of family and employment, process of drug use progression, and Japanese society.


Zhao Dingxin Zhao, Max Palevsky Professor
Interests: political sociology broadly defined. His research covers the areas of social movements, nationalism, comparative historical sociology, social change and economic development.


Emeriti (in residence)

Bidwell Charles E. Bidwell, Professor Emeritus
Interests: the structural analysis of change in formal organizations and in the social organization of education.





Richard Taub, Professor EmeritusTaub
Interests: Urban, rural and community economic development, the nature of entrepreneurship, public policy with particular concern about implementation and organization of policy.




 Emeriti (out of residence)

Goodman Leo A. Goodman - Berkeley, CA, Professor Emeritus
E-mail: lgoodman@socrates.berkeley.edu


Parish William L. Parish - Berkeley, CA, Professor Emeritus
E-mail: pari@uchicago.edu


Suttles Gerald D. Suttles - Bloomington, IN, Professor Emeritus
E-mail: gsuttles@indiana.edu

Associated Faculty

Burt Ronald S. Burt, Hobart W. Williams Professor of Sociology and Strategy, Graduate School of Business


Mayer Susan E. Mayer, Professor, Harris Graduate School of Public Policy


Padgett John F. Padgett, Professor, Political Science


Slater Dan Slater, Associate Professor, Political Science