Robert Park Lectureship

The Robert Park Lectureships are competitive awards for students proposing to teach advanced undergraduate courses in their areas of specialty. Below is a list of courses taught by recent winners.

Course Instructor Quarter Year
Contentious Collective Action Yang Zhang Winter 2015
American Families: Inequality and Change Samuel Perry Autumn 2014
Education and the Inheritance of Social Inequality Marshall Jean Spring 2014
The Cultural Sociology of Animals Elizabeth Emelene Jefferis Spring  2014
Intimate Relationship over the Life Course Muh-Chung Lin Autumn  2013
Collective Violence and Social Orders Geng Tian Spring  2013
Reproduction and Reproductive Rights Alicia VandeVusse Spring  2013
Critical Theory: The Frankfurt School and Beyond Monica Lee Winter 2013
Social Interaction and Emotion Michael Bare Spring 2012
Sociology of Everyday Life: Interaction, Self, and Knowledge Daniel Huebner Winter 2012
Sociological Understandings of Violence Paola Castano Spring 2011
International Migration Maria Medvedeva Winter 2011
Sociology of Space Xiaoi Tian Winter 2010
Organizational Analysis of Schools and School Reform Linda C. Lee Spring 2010
Markets, Models, and Risk  Erica Colsor Winter 2010
Professions in Modern Society Sida Liu  Winter 2009
Empire and Nation Liping Wang  Fall 2009
The Microsociology of Everyday Life Jolyon Ticer-Wurr Fall 2008
Social/Econ Transformation in Classic Community Studies  Jan Pacewicz Fall 2008
HIV: Sociological Perspectives Sanyu Mojola  Spring 2008
Immigration and Its Discontents Melissa Howe  Spring 2008
The Hospital as a Small Society  Daniel Menchik Spring 2008
Work and Play Stefan Bargheer Fall 2007
Gender and Sport in Society Jennifer Hanis Spring 2007
Punishment and Inequality John Eason  Winter 2007
Sociology of Music  Nicholas Dempsey  Winter 2007
The Social Construction of the Self  Michal Pagis  Fall 2006
Technology and Society  Elena Obukhova Spring 2006
Theorizing the Global Ghetto  Rami Nashashibi  Winter 2006
Relational Sociology Shira Offer Winter 2006
Adolescent Social Contexts Thomas Gannon Fall 2005
Medical Sociology Lei Jin Spring 2005
Race, Politics, Neighborhood Revitalization Derek Hyra Spring 2005
Gender/Sexuality in Developing World Rachel Rinaldo Spring 2005
Systemic School Reform/Organizational Change Sara Hallman Fall 2004
Economic Sociology Dali Ma Spring 2004
Technology/Ideology of Sexual Reproduction Elizabeth Campbell Spring 2004
Punishment and Modern Society Andrea Leverentz Fall 2003
Social Determinants of Health/Illness Ming Wen Spring 2003
Racial Segregation/Urban Neighborhoods Jeffrey Timberlake Spring 2003
Sociology of Science Fabio Rojas Winter 2003
Emotion and Social Life Chi-Young Koh Fall 2002
Gender and Work in the Family Jenna Mahay Spring 2002
The Suburbs in American Society Kim Babon Winter 2002
The Sociology of Markets Anthony Paik Fall 2001