Student life at Chicago can be as varied and rich as an individual student desires. It largely revolves around research and academics. There are two institutional means of fostering student life. The first is the student-based, student-led Society for Social Research (SSR). All graduate students in the department are members and its goals are to provide a forum for student research (it organizes an annual Spring Institute); to foster student-faculty interaction (such as brown-bag lunches with faculty presenting their current work); to promote professional development; and to organize social activities such as an annual Spring Follies, parties, and a basketball team.

A second focus of student life is the workshop system. Workshops are forums for students to present their own research and hear other students and outside social scientists speak. They are interdisciplinary and connect students and faculty with similar research agendas.

At a more informal level, student life is fostered by common classes, work on faculty research projects, and by numerous casual discussions, study, and reading groups.

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