Publication is central to the intellectual enterprise at Chicago. Faculty publish articles and books on a wide variety of topics in a range of international (English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese) social science and science venues. Chicago students publish widely as well; many departmental MA theses and course papers end up in prominent journals.

Since 1895, the Sociology Department has collectively published the American Journal of Sociology, the leading sociology journal. Edited by a faculty member assisted by faculty and student associate editors, the journal publishes the most significant, path-breaking sociological work. The Journal's book review section is run by a student committee chaired by a faculty member. Participation in AJS has become a hallmark of the Chicago sociology education, from discussion in weekly manuscript meetings to selection of potential book reviewers to reviewing books and manuscripts themselves.

Recent Faculty Books

a Levine2 Cetina Schilt
Joas1 taub levine2 Small2
Bogue Glaeser Riesebrodt Levi Martin 2


Recent Faculty Journal Articles

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