Graduate Scholarship

Our graduate students produce dissertation research in a wide variety of areas. Here are some examples of research from the last fifteen years, organized by topic.

Sociology Dissertations 2015-1995

List of Topic Areas

The following is a sampling of recent publications derived from department dissertations.

  • Ari Adut, On Scandal (Cambridge University Press)
  • Christopher Browning, "Sexual Contact Between Children and Adults" (American Sociological Review) (with Edward Laumann)
  • David Grazian, Blue Chicago (University of Chicago Press)
  • Derek Hyra, The New Urban Renewal (University of Chicago Press)
  • Maria Kefalas, Promises I Can Keep (University of California Press)
  • Nicole Marwell, Bargaining for Brooklyn (University of Chicago Press)
  • Daniel McFarland, "Student Resistance" (American Journal of Sociology)
  • Mignon Moore, "Intraracial Diversity and Relations among African Americans" (American Journal of Sociology)
  • Jeffrey Morenoff, "Neighborhood Mechanisms and the Spatial Dynamics of Birth Weight" (American Journal of Sociology)
  • Andrew Papachristos, "Murder by Structure: Dominance Relations and the Social Structure of Gang Homicide" (American Journal of Sociology)
  • Michal Pagis, "Embodied Self-Reflexivity" (Social Psychology Quarterly)
  • Mary Pattillo, Black Picket Fences (University of Chicago Press)
  • Fabio Rojas, From Black Power to Black Studies (Johns Hopkins University Press)
  • Michael Rosenfeld, The Age of Independence (Harvard University Press)
  • Sandra Smith, Lone Pursuit (Russell Sage Foundation)
  • Peter St. Jean, Pockets of Crime (University of Chicago Press)
  • Sudhir Venkatesh, American Project (Harvard University Press)
  • Andrés Villarreal, "Political Competition and Violence in Mexico: Hierarchical Social Control in Local Patronage Structures" (American Sociological Review)
  • Alford Young, The Minds of Marginalized Black Men (Princeton University Press)

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