Maria Akchurin

Dissertation Title: The Politics of Water: Privatizing Water and Sanitation Utilities in Argentina and Chile

Dissertation Committee: Elisabeth Clemens, Andrew Abbott, Cheol-Sung Lee, Tianna Paschel 

Research Interests: Political Sociology, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Environment and Development 


Chad Borkenhagen

Dissertation Title: Evidence-based creativity: Knowledge and social structure in the culinary science and mathematical finance.

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (chair), James Evans, Karin Knorr-Cetina

Research Interests: Organizations, culture, knowledge, creativity, networks, computational methods

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Michael Castelle

Dissertation Title: The Transaction and the Exchange: From Database to Marketplace, 1970-2000

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott, Andreas Glaeser, Adrian Johns (History)

Research Interests: Sociology of Computing, Economic Sociology, History of Technology

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Adilia James

Dissertation Title: Is Professional Knowledge Gendered?: Clients' Role in the Gender Pay Gap Problem.

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott (co-chair), Kristen Schilt (co-chair), D'Lane Compton (University of New Orelans), Christine Percheski (Northwestern University).

Research Interests: Sex and Gender, Work/Occupations, Social Inequalities, Education, Mixed Research Methods

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ChengPang Lee

Dissertation Title: The Rise of the Tzu-Chi Movement: Organizational Innovation, Assemblage of Networks and the Culture of Charisma.

Dissertation Committee: Dingxin Zhao (Chair)

Research Interests: Organization, Innovation, Social Movement, Religion, Political Sociology, Comparative-Historical Method

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Dan Kimmel

Dissertation Title: The Process of School Violence.

Dissertation Committee: Stephen Raudenbush (chair), Kathleen Cagney, Jens Ludwig 

Research Interests: Sociology of Education (special focus on violence and bullying problems in schools), Conflict & Violence, Health & Well-Being, Law & Society, Teaching and Learning in Sociology

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Haena Lee

Dissertation Title: Aging in Context: The impact of Household and Neighborhood Stress on Physical, Emotional and Cognitive Health in Later Life.

Dissertation Committee: Linda Waite, Kathleen Cagney, Louise Hawkley.

Research Interests: Aging health; Social and behavioral health; Contextual Stress; Obesity; Loneliness; Cognitive Impairment

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Muh-Chung Lin

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Remarriage (defended December 15, 2015)

Dissertation Committee: Linda Waite (Chair), Edward Laumann, Kristen Schilt 

Research Interests: Marriage and the Family, Family Sociology, Social Demography, Aging and the Life Course, Quantitative Methods


Peter McMahan

Dissertation Title: Hot Topics, Cold Shoulders: Contention, exclusion, and prestige in three communities.

Dissertation Committee: James Evans (Chair), John Levi Martin, Kazuo Yamaguchi

Research Interests: Social influence, social status, statistical modeling, network analysis, quantitative methodology

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Rick Moore

Dissertation Title: Atheists and Evangelicals: Creating the category of religion in American life.

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (Chair), Andrew Abbott, Omar McRoberts, Courtney Bender (Columbia University)

Research Interests: Culture, Cognition, Religion, Theory, Methods

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Abigail Ocobock

Dissertation Title: The Institutionalization of Same-Sex Marriage: How Access to Legal Marriage Impacts LGBQ People’s Relationships.

Dissertation Committee: Kristen Schilt (Chair), Elisabeth Clemens, Barbara Risman (University of Illinois at Chicago), Carla Pfeffer (University of Couth Carolina)

Research Interests: Family sociology, gender, sexualities, institutional sociology, and research methods (qualitative and mixed methods).

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Robert Owens

Dissertation Title: Judicial Interpretive Disputes and the Adjudication of Asylum Claims in U.S. Federal Courts.

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott (chair), Elisabeth Clemens, Terence Halliday (American Bar Foundation), Tom Ginsburg (Law)

Research Interests: Law and Society, Sociology of Knowledge, Social Theory, Comparative/Historical Sociology.

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Maude Pugliese

Dissertation Title: Socio-Economic Disparities in Portfolio Composition: Their Historical Causes and Their Consequences for Inequality in America.

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott (Chair, U of C, sociology), Linda J Waite (U of C, sociology), Jim Sparrow (U of C, history), Monica Prasad (Northwestern, sociology)

Research Interests: Inequality and Stratification; Sociology of Finance; Sociology of the Family; Asset Choice; Credit Use; Regulation of Consumer Credit; Comparative Historical Sociology; and Survey Data Analysis.

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Nora Taplin

Dissertation Title: Metropolitan Racial Segregation and Residential Relocation Process for Middle Income African Americans.

Dissertation Committee: John Levi Martin (Chair); Kathleen Cagney; Forrest Stuart; Scott W. Allard

Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Race, and the Sociology of Technology

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Misha Teplitskiy

Dissertation Title: Judgments of scientific quality and their effects on published knowledge and its diffusion.

Dissertation Committee: Andrew Abbott, James Evans (Chair), Karin Knorr-Cetina

Research Interests: Science and innovation policy, sociology of science and knowledge, computational methods

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Brian Tuohy

Dissertation Title: Mexican Chicago: Modes of Incorporation in a Mexican-American Network

Dissertation Committee: Richard Taub (co-chair), Omar McRoberts (co-chair) and Kathleen Cagney

Research Interests: Immigration, health, urban sociology, and race and ethnicity

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