Tuition-only scholarships and fellowships—which include tuition and a stipend— are awarded on a competitive basis to outstanding applicants. Applicants indicate their interest in being considered for such aid on the application materials.

Applicants with strong records are encouraged to apply for externally-funded fellowships such as those awarded by the American Sociological Association and federally funded programs (e.g., NSF, Javits) which are awarded directly to the students.

For those who receive financial aid, continued support is contingent on satisfactory academic progress. Additionally, some students are supported by training grants in particular areas of study through centers affiliated with the department.

At any given time, about half the active students in the department are employed on faculty research projects. Over the course of graduate studies nearly 80% of students work on some faculty project.

In addition to scholarship, fellowship, or grant support, many students receive financial assistance through opportunities to work part-time on campus. Many of these jobs, such as research assistantships, relate to academic interests and may supplement other forms of support, if there is financial need. Information on student jobs may be obtained from the Career Advancement, 1212 E. 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637.

Federally insured educational loans are available through the University for students who are citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. The University participates in the Stafford Loan (GSL) and the Perkins Loan (NDSL) programs and other loan programs. Some alternative (non-federal) loan options are available to students who can secure appropriate co-signers. Information on the availability of loans is included with the letter of admission from the University. Applications for loans are made after admission has been accepted.